Where do you shop for fabric?

When I was a kid, we shopped at Cloth World or Hancock Fabrics. Occasionally, we would make the trek downtown to Rich’s or over to Sew Magnifique in Buckhead. Today, Cloth World is known as Joann’s, Hancock Fabrics was bought by Michael’s and Rich’s was merged into Macy’s. Sew Magnifique closed in the mid-1990s, but I will always fondly remember it as the place where Mom went to buy buttons.

Today, we have so many choices of where to shop for fabric:

  1. Local retail fabric store
  2. Chain craft/sewing retail store
  3. Big box retailer with crafts/sewing department
  4. Sewing expos and quilt shows
  5. Online
  6. Thrift shops
  7. Estate sales
  8. Swaps
  9. Stash

Did I miss one?

Personally, I always shop my stash first. Where I go after that, depends on my needs. With prices approaching $14.99/yard on new releases at my LQS, I shop at Walmart or Hobby Lobby for seasonal stuff and fabrics the kids can use.

Fabrics from Hobby Lobby & Walmart (for seasonal projects and kid use)

I also swap fabrics with friends and/or buy fabrics at estate sales (I keep any Liberty of London fabrics for myself). And gasp – the “non LQS procured fabric” might make it into one of my quilts! I adore scrappy quilts. If I like a fabric, I’ll use it in my quilt.

I’ve definitely made a noticeable dent in my fabric stash since retirement! Here’s to making another sizable dent by summer’s end.