This quilter mends – do you?

I’ll replace buttons, fix seams and hem my own pants.

I also repair holes in my favorite knit tops.

It seems as if knit fabric keeps getting thinner and thinner. It doesn’t matter how much I pay for a knit garment – my favorite tops always get holes where the top meets the zipper area of my waistband. That’s why I keep a small quantify of Easy Knit (Pellon EK130) interfacing in black and white with my sewing supplies.

This fusible interfacing will stretch with your knit garment. Simply cut a small strip or square and fuse to the wrong side of your t-shirt following the manufacturer’s instructions. Simply squishing the hole back together before you fuse the interfacing down might be enough to repair the hole. If not, you can darn the hole using your sewing machine or hand stitch it. I prefer to hand stitch small areas. It took about 15 minutes to mend 3 knit tops this morning.

From a distance, the repair is practically invisible.

Do you mend or are you part of the “I don’t do mending” quilter camp?