A retreating I will go…a retreating I will go…

The tune is one of those ditties we learned in nursery school (The Farmer in the Dell).

I did it. I signed up for the July retreat. I’m going to sew and spa for three days. Aahhh…

Seriously, though, it’s been a challenge to find a retreat that offers: 1) private accommodation options, 2) project(s) that appeal to me or the option to BYO projects and (3) reasonable costs.

You have to really dig, but such options do exist:

  1. Lutherridge offers a Quilt Camp in April near Asheville, NC. It’s a BYO projects retreat, offers private rooms and has reasonable costs. The catch? There are only four private rooms available. Of course, they were the first ones to go!
  2. Camellia Palms Retreat Center in south Alabama offers instructor led retreats in a restored old home on a lake. Private rooms available, reasonable costs, but the project offered for the weekend I could go was not something that appealed to me.
  3. The Alabama Folk School at Camp McDowell offers a quilt camp with the Gees Bend ladies. It checks all the criteria, but is not during a week I can go.

Really need to get away from it all for 2-3 days? Pick a spot spot within a 2 hour drive, reserve a hotel room and create a DIY quilt retreat.

Photo by Michael Burrows on Pexels.com