It’s time to step away from this blog, social media and the news for a while. Our weekend in OBX provided a much needed respite from the constant barrage of stuff coming at us in all directions. Everything hit me full-force as we emerged from the escalator at the ATL airport on Monday morning.

Did you realize protesters set fire to police cars and damaged businesses right near the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel over the weekend? This is the site of the host hotel for QuiltCon next month. It’s not locals who are protesting, either. These folks, bless their hearts, travelled a long way to cause their madness and mayhem. Go home y’all. We don’t need any more of your foolishness.

My extended break does not mean I’ll be completely off-line. The internet is an integral part of our daily lives. It simply means I’ll be much more intentional about how and when I go online. So, send me an email or text if you’re interested in sewing lessons or if your quilt pattern is in need of a technical editor.

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