Edge stitching the easy way

Use your blind hem foot! On Janome machines, it’s the G foot and comes in 2 styles: Fixed and Adjustable

If your machine makes stitches 7 mm wide, you can use EITHER foot. My friends with 5 mm wide machines (like my Elna STAR edition) will need the adjustable version. The narrower stitch width on 5 mm wide machines means the needle can’t go far enough left to achieve satisfactory results with the fixed style foot G.

Fixed (left) and Adjustable (right) blind hem feet from Janome.

Machine settings: Straight stitch with stitch width = 0.0 or 0.5 and stitch length = 3.0. For 5 mm wide machines, adjust the guide wheel so only 2-3 threads are showing (see picture below).

Place fabric under needle and align right side of fabric with flange on foot.

Sew at a slower speed for more uniform topstitching.

That’s it! What a timesaver on bag handles and topstitching folded edges for a more finished look!

Adjustable blind hem foot showing my preferred setting for edge stitching on machine with 5mm stitch width.