PSA for my fellow GA business owners

Today’s mail brought the annual missive from C.F.S. offering to file my annual corporate registration for me.

Once I opened the letter to photograph the contents, I gave it to my dog for her to chew on.

At first glance, it certainly looks official. It arrived via first class mail. The format resembles my local business license renewal form. This form quotes a lot of Georgia law and reminds you of any potential penalties if you don’t comply with your statutory obligation to file your annual corporate registration and pay the required $50.00 fee. The company offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the service it provides to file your annual corporate registration for you. Nothing wrong with offering a service, right?

Here’s the thing: See the yellow highlighted text at the bottom of the picture? This is 100% correct. You can file your own annual corporate registration online yourself. It takes me less than 2 minutes and the $50.00 fee is charged to my credit card.

Of course, you’re welcome to take them up on their generous offer to do this for you. The catch? It’ll cost you a $120.00 service fee + the required $50.00 corporate registration fee.

Save your $120.00 and file your own corporate registration. If you receive one of these letters, shred it or throw it in the trash.