A peek inside the sewing station kits at the SQTM

At Quilt Camp and other sewing classes where the museum’s Brother sewing machines are used, a container of supplies is set out next to each machine. Here’s a picture of the contents list affixed to the underside of a lid:

(P.S. I did the same thing in my previous job with all teacher literacy kits that were checked out through the media center!)

This list is a good starting point to assemble your own class/travel kit.

I would add the following items to the box:
Small purple glue stick
Needle threader
Needle puller
2-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ ruler
White water soluble marking pencil
White/lightest gray thread available (gray thread in container is medium to dark gray)
Wonder clips
Washi tape roll
Wooden point turner
Exchange traditional pincushion for a magnetic one with glass head pins

I would omit the following items because chances are they would already be housed at a central cutting station or another item in the kit would fill that need:
Glow tape
Binding tool
Rotary cutter (only for kid’s sewing boxes)

When I teach a kid’s class, I use small color coded buckets that contain a magnetic pin cushion, glass head pins, wonder clips, seam gauge, measuring tape, small Fiskar scissors and a seam ripper. Multiples of other supplies listed above are kept in a community sewing box. Machine feet, extra needles, bobbins and screwdrivers are kept in a separate community sewing machine box. I find it easiest to teach if all students use the exact same model sewing machine, which is what the SQTM does. Next best is machines made by the same manufacturer, which is what I do in my own studio. Currently, my student machines are made by Janome.