Quilt camp week is done!

This week I volunteered as a mentor to a rising 4th grader at quilt camp sponsored by the Southeast Quilt & Textile Museum in Carrollton, Georgia. It was very worthwhile and exactly what I myself envisioned doing in retirement. My little mentee was so excited about the thought of returning next year to make an even bigger quilt!

Camper proudly showing off her finished quilt!

I will gladly do it again, although next time, I’ll opt for the a.m. session. Traffic was a beast this week going late mornings. One day, I actually spent more time commuting than I spent with my mentee. Yes, the cost of gas was a consideration given the 90 mile roundtrip each day. However, it was totally worth it to me. Besides, the $65.00 I spent on fuel to volunteer will benefit others more than spending that $$ in a quilt shop on stuff I don’t need.

My mother did suggest I think about turning the week into a mini-vacation for myself – stay somewhere local Tuesday & Wednesday nights and commute the rest of the week. She has a point. I would love to spend a couple of afternoons exploring the downtown area and nearby lakes.