Sometimes simple is the best solution

Vintage Singer zipper foot

Yesterday, I was asked to sew a patch to a t-shirt that someone wanted to give as a gift.

Said patch turned out to be a varsity letter on a super stiff felt background – almost like sewing on leather. Off to Joann’s I went with Sadie in tow to find a matching thread. A Gutermann polyester topstitch thread was almost an exact match! Of course, Sadie got her daily quota of petting during our shopping trip.

Thank goodness the t-shirt turned out to be a sweatshirt. It was made from a fairly stable knit fabric, making it easier to sew. Once I decided placement, it was a matter of gluestick/heat set/pin the applique in place and stitch around it. Even with all the fancy feet my Baby Lock Jubilant has, I listened to my inner voice that advised me to “borrow” the vintage zipper foot from my Featherweight accessory box. Low shank feet are universal and it worked like a charm. My coworker was very pleased with the finished result.

I have to hand it to Baby Lock – my Jubilant does a fabulous job with almost any type of fabric I put under the needle. All it needs is a scissors button and a straight stitch needle plate. Baby Lock – are you listening?