The next 90 days

Out of habit, I sat down and started to map out what needed to be accomplished during summer break. Then it hit me…I don’t have to report back to work on July 22nd. Woo-hoo! I’ve been so focused on trying to wrap things up by Friday that I haven’t thought much beyond May 27th.

This puts us at about Labor Day:

I will weigh what I did pre-COVID.

Annual physical, mammogram and skin cancer appts scheduled or completed.

Patterns, books, fabrics & small tools will reside in my studio – not be scattered about the house. Diecuts, sewing machines, travel cases and Crafternoon supplies will be stored in one hall closet.

Three quilts for hire will be completed and delivered.

This is in addition to travel, resting, quilting, visiting with friends, reading and volunteer activities already on the books.

‘Cause right about that time, I’ll be heading to KY for a vintage sewing machine workshop and then on to Salt Lake City for Garden of Quilts @ Thanksgiving Pointe. I “wanna look fly” as my 5th graders often say.

Here’s looking at Friday and what’s next!