My eyes were bigger than my stomach

Ever heard this old expression? Usually, it means you put more food on your plate than you can eat. For me it meant I had way too many activities in a short period of time, namely May & June. My calendar was in dire need of some serious editing.

How do you prioritize events when you need to cull some? For me, it’s generally (1) family, friends & volunteer commitments (2) prepaid events and (3) everything else. My Lori Holt Quilter’s Cottage quilt was accepted into the June Georgia Celebrates Quilts show, so I have to be available during the prescribed drop- off/pick-up times. With this in mind, I postponed my beach trip and chose not to sign-up for the ATL Quilt Study Group seminar at the SQTM. A bummer, yes, but these actions afford me some much needed time to decompress between the end of school and my trip to Pigeon Forge.

I think my scheduling conundrum is also a typical challenge experienced by many new retirees. We suddenly have an open calendar and want to do all the things. We pack the schedule in our excitement without thinking too much about it.

My Greenville trip was an absolute blast! It was so nice to be able to attend a regional quilt show in-person and take a class on a new-to-me technique. I look forward to being able to attend other shows in the future. Going forward, I’ll refrain from taking classes at a quilt show unless it’s from an instructor whose name I recognize. I’m finding that I can often get similar content in a class taught locally or found on YouTube at a fraction of the cost. I’m so looking forward to my class in Pigeon Forge with Edyta Sitar and the classes I’ll be taking at Garden of Quilts – Thanksgiving Pointe in September. Yes, my 2022 quilty bucket list trip has been booked – THREE solid days of quilty bliss with all kits included. Debating if I want to add-on a machine rental or schlep my little Elna STAR out there. Think I’d rather take my own machine. 🙂

One thought on “My eyes were bigger than my stomach

  1. I’m right there with you on over scheduling. I retired 4/1 and it felt like I was traveling more than I was home the whole month of April!! I told DH we aren’t going anywhere in May! I need some “at home” time 🙂

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