What are your core pursuits?

According to Wes Moss over at the Retire Sooner podcast, you should have at least 3 of them to be happy in retirement. Here’s my top 5:

(1) Therapy dog activities with Sadie

(2) Quilting, sewing and general craftiness

(3) Travel

(4) Reading

(5) Exploring local trails and hiking spots with hubs & Sadie

Today, I reached out to schedule reading related therapy dog visits with a school somewhat close to home. Visits wouldn’t start until after Labor Day and would happen biweekly. This is right up in my wheelhouse.

Earlier this week, I scheduled sew time in my studio with two of my coworkers. I can’t wait!!!

Last week, my SIL asked if I wanted to go to learn how to tear down a vintage sewing machine and put it back together. Yep! I think September will be the month we go.

Getting very, very excited about the next steps!