It’s time for hubs to make the trek to Houston for his routine monitoring. He had his bloodwork done yesterday. According to the test results, the pesky little cancer cells have apparently been having a calcitonin party over the past several months. The numbers had more or less remained stable at each of his previous check-ups. This time, they doubled…which may put him on an entirely different treatment path. It’ll be interesting to see if there are enough cells clustered in one spot to show up on his scans this time. If so, removal is the usual treatment option. There are some drug therapy options, as well.

Hubby certainly has a much better attitude toward all of this than I do. He takes it in stride whereas I automatically start assuming the worst case scenario. We’ll see what his visit with Dr. Hu reveals.

Post doctor update: No material changes showed on the scans to warrant the increase in calcitonin. Hubs is to return in six months for some additional testing and a biopsy, if necessary. MTC bloodwork monitoring primarily tracks two things: calcitonin and CEA. Both numbers should trend in the same direction. That’s not what happened here. So he goes back in six months (but not on our anniversary!) Time to get back to living!