The end of an era

Open since 2009, Stitch N Quilt will close its doors on March 31st. Today was bittersweet as it marked my final class at the shop. More than one quilter told Pat how much being able to gather with other quilters meant to them and how much they would miss not having a gathering spot on this side of town. Every other quilt shop on the west side has closed.

There’s a core group interested in continuing on with the table runner club, but the group leaders had no answer as to when or if the group would continue. Based on our conversations, my guess is that we will split off into smaller bee groups, based on geography. I offered up my sewing space to host small groups of 4-6 on a Saturday mornings once a month. We’ll see if I have any takers.

One positive that came out of today is I now have a regular quilting group to join on Thursdays once school’s out. The group meets at a church in West Cobb (about a 20 minute drive).

Miss Pat indicated that she would be converting a barn behind her home into a “she shed” so that she could host sewing friends because she would miss that the most once her shop closes.

I taught an adult beginning quilting class in April 2021. One of my former students sat next to me yesterday. It was wonderful to finally be able to see her without a mask. I was taken aback when she said she shouldn’t have sat next to me because I’m a much better quilter than she is and it made her look bad. I responded that we were all there to learn and help one another – it wasn’t a competition. She didn’t talk to me very much after that. WTH? I jokingly told my husband that maybe this means my skills are finally good enough to join a certain local guild. 🙂