The aircraft at Dobbins ARB have been doing maneuver after maneuver after maneuver and it’s only mid-month. Heard some fighter jets in the mix, too. What gives? Normally we don’t get this type of air traffic until the end of the month when pilots need to complete their required flight hours. This just feels different.

The grocery store was busy again tonight. I bought only BOGO’s and went strictly by my list. It was still $40.00 for two bags of groceries. My preferred breakfast bars and high-protein oatmeal were out of stock. In fact, there were several holes in the grocery store shelves this evening with the freezer section being basically empty. Gas is currently $4.29 a gallon at the local QuikTrip.

Know what? None of these events is going to keep me from forging ahead with my plan to live life on my own terms once this school year’s over. I’ll still plant my garden, make quilts, volunteer with Sadie, open my sewing studio up to the neighborhood kids, attend book club, walk with friends, hike with hubby, go the the library, attend quilt shows, take classes, visit museums, nap, read, and yes, travel.

High gas prices won’t keep me from quilty travel. However, I will be more selective with events I plan to attend and classes I take. I’ll find creative ways to minimize expenses elsewhere without sacrificing fun and the opportunity to meet new quilty peeps and learn new quilty techniques. We only get one chance to live life…make it worthwhile. Slow down and savor the moment.