A break from social media did me a world of good

My local school district is out for mid-winter break this week. I turned off the news and stayed (mostly) away from social media for a few days. It helped immensely!

Sadie and I did a therapy dog visit at Georgia Tech on 2/22/22.

We spent a couple of days visiting my parents – always an adventure. The Elnita EC30 went along for the ride as my dad needed me to replace those “sissy” buttons LLBean had put on his knit shirt. In fact, he met me at the door with the offending shirt and another stack of mending mom needed to have done. [More on the Elnita EC30 coming in a future post.] I also took an iPad I was no longer using and set that up for my dad to be able to read his beloved daily newspaper online. Mom reports he hasn’t had to bother her one time for “technical support” since I upgraded his e-reader. Hope that trend continues.

The Quilts for Kids quilt I’ve been working on is *almost* complete. A mishap with a seam ripper meant I had to redo one of the Flying Geese blocks. I also had to redo 3 of the Cat’s Cradle blocks. I didn’t catch my piecing error until I was laying out the quilt top. I tried to make it work, but it wasn’t pretty. Those blocks took some time to take apart and redo. :-/

I also tech edited an adorable quilt pattern coming soon from Canadian designer Ira Rott.

This week has also provided a glimpse of what life will look like as this chapter closes and the next phase begins. It’s very evident that my current work environment is impacting my mental and physical well-being. Current events make me hesitate to make the jump; however, my inner voice (and our financial advisor) tell me we’ll be fine. We may have to make some minor tweaks to our plan as we go along, but we’ve got this!