Kudos to Baby Lock Customer Service

I’d like to give a shout-out to Kim in Customer Service for her patience with helping me find a solution to my problem.

Does your sewing machine chew fabric and/or hesitate at going over thick seams? Mine sure was on Saturday night. I’d even been to the Baby Lock dealer earlier that day about the problem. I’d tried everything the dealer suggested.

(1) Use a starter strip that’s double the thickness of the fabric you are attempting to sew.

(2) Make sure the area underneath the needle plate is clean.

(3) Try the “J” foot.

(4) Try a another low shank adapter, if you have one.

I did all of the above. I was using a new Schmetz Microtex 80/12 Chrome needle with 50wt Aurfil thread in the top and bobbin. The J foot did go over the seams, but the “J” foot is not my preferred foot for piecing quilt blocks. I prefer a 1/4″ foot with a flange.

Baby Lock Customer Service to the rescue.

The solution was to switch to a 90/14 needle. (Duh!) A Schmetz or Organ 80/12 needle with 50wt Aurifil thread is fine in most cases; however when a sewing machine starts to act like this, you need to go up a size in your needle.

A simple solution to a rather vexing problem. Glad I reached out to their customer service. Even happier that they got in touch with me.