Will I ever teach quilting classes again?

Today, I took Sadie to visit Miss Pat to wish her Happy New Year and buy some fabric that I needed for upcoming projects. Sadie got her allotment of cookies and lots of pets from customers in the shop. As one of the employees was ringing up my purchase, she asked, “Are you planning to teach again?”. I paused for a minute and responded that I probably would teach again, but right now I was enjoying sewing for me.

That’s the truth.

The monthly table runner club is strictly for me. I’ve already pulled fabrics for the next two projects.

I have to add the finishing touches to A Quilter’s Cottage, which I am going to submit for entry into the Georgia Celebrates Quilts Show in June. Then, I have the two neighbor girls who want to make blocks for the show’s children’s exhibit.

I committed to making a charity quilt in January/February with an online group affiliated with Quilts for Kids.

The other truth is I do miss teaching classes.

I have ideas for projects, but samples need to be made and I’m really not in the mood to do that right now. COVID is running rampant (again). I scheduled classes for spring, summer and fall of 2021. Only about 1/3 of the classes were actually held. I’ll just wait it out this time. It could mean I don’t teach any classes until summer or fall. I’m good with that. There are projects on my biz calendar for 1st Qtr 2022 – technical editing, t-shirt quilts and reopening the Etsy shop. These are all things that involve minimal F2F contact. Then, there’s the day job. Who knows what will happen spring semester? Hopefully, not too much drama as I wind things down.

Hmmm…fall and holiday project classes are starting to sound like a possibility.

Happy New Year!