Taking the alternate route

One thing about quilting – there’s always more than one way to accomplish something. How many different ways can you make HSTs? This is particularly vexing to newbie quilters who are like, “Wait, what?” when a teacher deviates from the published pattern. For me, it’s usually because the instructions are not well-written. Sometimes it’s because a certain tool, fabric or component isn’t available and I had to figure out another way to make it work. What matters is that you completed the block – not how you got there.

This holds true in other areas of life, as well. One of the perks of being married to a road warrior is the amount of travel rewards that can accumulate over time. The bad thing about COVID is that we’ve not really been able to use some of the awards. I didn’t want a companion pass and a travel credit to go unused, so I booked the airline tickets for my parents and me to travel in June, 2022.

We wanted to fly into one particular location, but weren’t able to use the companion pass that weekend for some reason. The ticket agent couldn’t figure out the reason behind the block either. Her suggestion was to fly into the nearest airport, which was only an hour away. The downside would be a limited flight schedule. Fortunately, we were able to make it work and saved about $300 on airfare to boot.

With our travel plans slightly altered, we were able to carve out time for me to spend a morning at a local sewing & quilting event. It just so happens that attending a show put on by this particular group is on my quilt travel bucket list for 2022. No need to take an additional trip! Woo-hoo!

Sometimes the alternate route is the one you should have taken all along. Interesting how life works that way, huh?