Fried Bay Scallops

My husband grew up in the Florida Panhandle and spent many weekends scalloping (hunting for scallops) in Port St. Joe. Homemade scallops, fries and cole slaw followed by a boiled chocolate icing yellow cake were a big treat in his family. After many years, I finally mastered the cake recipe.

This summer I finally hit a home run with the scallops – so much that hubby now asks for them on a regular basis!

Greenwise Patagonian Scallops from Publix (or fresh bay scallops if you can find them)
Plain flour (about 1 cup, may need a bit more)
Salt & pepper (season to taste)
About 2 tbsp+ Old Bay seasoning
About 1 tsp paprika
1 egg
1/4 c. milk
Homemade breadcrumbs (4-5 slices day old butter bread run through the blender and crushed very fine)
Cooking oil

The bag of Publix scallops weighs 24 ounces. It’s enough for 3 meals for the two of us – so 8 oz of scallops for this recipe. Thaw scallops, rinse in cold water and pat dry on a paper towel.

Heat oil to 350 degrees (I cook fries first, then scallops)

Set up 4 stations:
(1) flour/spice mix in bowl (adjust as necessary to suit your taste)
(2) egg wash (beat egg and combine with milk in a bowl)
(3) bread crumbs in a shallow pan
(4) platter with several layers of paper towels

Roll a handful of scallops in flour mixture to coat scallops completely; dip in egg wash, shake off excess; roll in breadcrumbs, shake off excess. Place on platter. Repeat process until all scallops are coated.

Drop scallops in oil in small batches. Allow to cook 3-5 minutes until desired doneness is achieved. Stir occasionally while cooking. Scoop out scallops and allow to drain on platter lined with paper towels. Serve immediately. (Fries can hold in a 200 degree oven while scallops are cooking.)

Enjoy with ketchup, cocktail sauce or tartar sauce.

You’re welcome!