Feeling good

Thanksgiving week came at the right time.

It’s Wednesday and I woke up early this morning feeling ready to take on the day. I think the last time that happened was during summer break. I’ve enjoyed four days of sleep, naps, walks with Sadie, good food, supplements, water and puttering around the house. And some sewing!

So has being away from the nastiness lurking inside the a/c vents at school:

Vent above the circulation desk
Vent blowing out into the main reading area of the library (super high ceiling).

That black stuff would be mold or mildew in the vents. I’ve been breathing this yuck since we went back to school. Headaches, constant congestion, sneezing and extreme fatigue by Friday. Not like me. I am highly allergic to penicillin – very similar to mildew and mold. I changed my diet, got sleep, took meds, didn’t take meds, cut caffeine, eliminated everything I could think of to try to figure out why I was so tired all the time. I noticed that I felt much better after a 3 day weekend, but my symptoms returned after a day or two back at work.

Then I looked up and saw the nastiness on the vents.

It probably didn’t bother me as much earlier in the school year because a) I wore a mask most of the time and 2) I wasn’t sitting at the circulation desk all day. They pulled my library assistant to cover kindergarten classes for two months, which is why I sat at the circulation desk. Now that she’s back, we’ll see if my symptoms ease. I’ll also make a concerted effort to mask up when I’m outside of my office (on a different a/c system).

Admin and maintenance are aware of the issue. We’ll see if it got resolved over Thanksgiving Break.

15 work days until Christmas Break.

Then 92 contract days left until the end of school!

The countdown is on!