Learning to let go…

This has been a hard lesson to learn, especially for someone who prefers to be in control.

Working at an elementary school in a super high community COVID spread rate is no picnic. My mantra is to do the best I can while I am on the job to support students & staff, plus keep projects moving forward in the library. I take as many precautions as possible (including vax & mask most of the time). I have stepped back from many of the extras I used to do. No one seems to notice anyway. I leave mostly on time every day. I don’t take work home anymore. Know what? I’m much happier.

I can’t control or fix my husband’s cancer. He’s doing everything the doctor tells him to do to stay healthy and enjoy a reasonable quality of life. I’m there to support him, but I also have to make my own health a priority.

I can’t control which news stories are presented on radio, tv or the internet, but I do choose to ignore most of them.

I can’t control crime in Atlanta, but I do choose to stay away from the center city for my own safety. This saddens me because there are some wonderful things to do in Atlanta proper.

I can’t control the talent (e.g. spokespeople) companies choose to represent their brands; instead, I opt to do business to other companies that meet my needs and align with my values.

I can’t control the actions and choices of other family members. There are some I choose to keep at a distance for my own peace of mind.

I can’t control the stock market, Mother Nature or what other countries do. All I can do is save, invest, insure and keep my pantry stocked. Oh, and my sewing stash well supplied, too!

I can’t control the class schedule and course fees at a local quilt shop. There are two groups in which I’d love to participate, however, my schedule currently doesn’t allow it. (I personally think $20 for a 3 hour sit-n-sew is a bit much – $10 is more like it.) I can, however, look for online alternatives that will fit my schedule. And look into what’s involved in starting a craft group locally using a public space.