My Happy Place QAL

Are you in? This is my big quilt project for 2021. I had the best time making A Quilter’s Cottage in 2020.

Pincushion blocks are on tap for this week. Here’s a link to Lori Holt’s week 1 video on YouTube.

The rest of my background fabrics arrived yesterday (big happy dance)! Now, I’ll be able to finish cutting Week 3 and begin cutting for Week 4 blocks. Cutting and prepping blocks for 2-3 weeks in advance seems to work best for me. I try to cut a week as I use a week. This way, I’m always ready to sew, even during my craziest weeks.

I do not typically buy kits. I prefer to pull from my stash first, using the sewing guide as a point of reference for color selection. Then, I fill in with other fabrics as I needed. That’s why my projects are a mix of the current Lori Holt line, previous lines and other fabrics. I think it makes the final project more personal and keeps costs in line by shopping my stash first.

Here’s Jane all set up and ready to sew!

Tomato pincushion appliqué from My Happy Place QAL

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