Even 15 minutes of sewing time moves your project forward

Is it a challenge to schedule sewing time with your busy schedule?  Welcome to the club.

Even 15 minutes of time spent sewing keeps your project moving forward. Keep at it and your project will eventually get done.This was my biggest takeaway from an online quilting group I joined last year. The group leader was a project manager in real life and kept group members on track and accountable for their progress. It’s what I needed at the time. 

Other tips to keep your sewing and quilting projects moving from WIP to DONE:

Prep project kits in advance.
Use detailed project checklists to track completed steps.
Clean your work area as you go.
Set out materials for next sewing session as you end the current one.
Conduct weekly project status check-ins to monitor your progress.
Find an accountability partner, if you need one.