The power of connection

What is it about making random, but real, connections with people makes me feel better?

Like meeting the local author of a children’s book while out walking Sadie and smiling with the fellow shopper at Publix who also talks to herself (complete with hand gestures) as she mentally runs through her shopping list. Or chatting with a fellow sewist at the fabric store who completely gets the reasons I’m shopping for a new sewing machine.

I’ve been a little glum this week. Teachers report to school on Monday. Hubby will also be at MD Anderson for his scans and check-in with the doctor. One of my favorite people at work has been hospitalized with uncontrollable seizures. The one year anniversary of a dear friend’s departure from this earth is also coming up soon.

Those simple interactions greatly improved my mood. It also confirmed my belief that most folks, regardless of race, religion or economic status (insert any other criterion) really do want the same things in life – not the incessant stream of crap coming from the media.

So shut off the TV and social media. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and a friendly dog. Discuss a good book you recently read. Admire artwork at a local museum simply because it’s pretty. Share backyard garden veggies with a neighbor. Teach someone how to sew or cross-stitch. Join the neighborhood kids in drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Go connect with the people around you. That’s what we really need to get through this together.