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Boundaries are an essential part of self-care.

It is important that you stick to expectations you communicated. Too often, we “give-in” to assist the other person who requested our help. If it’s a genuine emergency, then absolutely help that person stat! Otherwise, you unwittingly set a pattern that you do not value your own time.

Case in point: I voluntarily spent 3-4 days at school in recent weeks helping a colleague and doing things that would benefit me if I took care of them prior to teacher pre-planning. Of course, once people realized I was in the building, people started sending all kinds of requests. I completed the last request on Wednesday evening and informed key individuals that I would be out-of-pocket until Monday at 8 a.m. (when the new contract year begins and we are finally getting paid again).

I wish people would read their email.

I received an email from a colleague with a request for help with a project that needs to be ready to roll Monday morning. It is an interesting idea. I responded with a couple of suggestions, but advised that I would not be available this weekend. Perhaps someone else on the email list will step up to assist.