does quilting factor into your choice of laundry equipment?

Sure did for me with my recent purchase.

“It’ll be $677.00 to repair the washer, ma’am and that’s if I can get parts,” stated the appliance repairman. “I’d just buy a new one.” With that, my top load GE impeller washing machine had been pronounced dead after only 8 years. He also advised that, based on his experience, Whirlpool and Speed Queen brands seemed to have the fewest repair calls.

The hunt for a new washing machine was on with some very specific and important quilter’s criteria:

(1) genuine soak cycle

(2) stainless steel completely smooth basket (and preferably large enough to hold a king size quilt).

The quilter’s criteria were non-negotiable. I spray baste my quilts and prefer to soak them for 20 minutes to remove any glue before washing. The basket also needs to be smooth so it won’t harm your fabric. Some stainless steel baskets resemble cheese graters on the inside. Run your hand back and forth over it to make sure the surface is smooth.

I found TWO Whirlpool/Maytag models at Home Depot/Lowes that would work. ($750-$1000 for washer)

I found ONE Speed Queen model at a local appliance store that would work. ($1000 for washer)

It all came down to quietness v. load capacity with availability (thanks COVID!) being the deciding factor.

After a two week wait, my Speed Queen TR5 washer & dryer arrived yesterday.

And yes, the washing machine is as quiet as advertised. My parents have had their Speed Queen laundry pair for nearly 15 years now. Hope mine lasts as long!

Speed Queen TR5 washer & dryer in my laundry room