Notes to self

During our shelter-in-place, I listened to a number of audiobooks and podcasts. I kept notes of ideas that resonated with me in a small notebook. Here are some notes I wanted to keep in perpetuity.

Actions express priorities better than words ever will.

Learn to say no.

Health and personal connections need to be a higher priority (for me).

Staying sane in our chaotic world:

  1. Limit news consumption to 30 minutes per day (all sources)
  2. Daily meditation (Calm app is great)
  3. Exercise and get your daily does of Vitamin D (go outside)
  4. Connect with loved ones
  5. Get stuff done (keep a schedule/do projects that you’ve been putting off)
  6. Laugh
  7. Schedule things to look forward to.

#7 has been the hardest because I love to be on the go during summer break and there’s literally nowhere to go.  All sewing events have been cancelled until the end of the year.