Just Turn It Off

Don’t know about you, but I am fatigued by the endless stream of mostly negative stories about EVERYTHING. You think you can turn off the rhetoric about the 2020 Presidential Election, only to hear some story about a shopper in NY being harassed because she didn’t wear a mask in the store and now the firestorm surrounding the white police officer who killed a black suspect who was handcuffed, lying on the ground.  In my opinion, the latter deserves all the coverage it can get because that was just plain wrong, regardless of the circumstances that led up to the arrest. That said, it does not give permission for the protestors to set fire to buildings and loot stores. Those types of actions kind of turn want-to-be supporters away.

Can we please be civil with one another?  It matters not one iota to me for whom you plan to vote, whether you mask or not or the race of your partner/children.  What matters is how you treat people, because we’re all PEOPLE.

Social distancing is a misnomer.  It should be physical distancing instead. Humans need social interaction and to feel like they belong (one of Maslow’s 4 needs).  The shelter-in-place has been really hard on me mentally. I’m accustomed to dozens of interactions with kids and adults all day long.  For several weeks, it ‘s been mostly the dog and a computer screen. Hubby is holed up in the home office all day working.  I relished any opportunity to get out to the grocery store.

Now, things are slowly starting return some semblance of normal. We’ll find out 6/1 what the guidelines are for re-opening schools. I sincerely hope there’s a bit of a delay and the first few weeks are done remotely, with kids coming back the 2nd quarter (after fall break). As I’ve said before, I’ll be ready when I can find hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disinfectant spray stocked on the shelves at my local grocery store.

Meanwhile, be considerate, wash your hands and try to keep a 6’ physical distance if you can. But be sure to maintain a social connection with those around you.

For now, I’ll be on my lower patio piecing quilt blocks while I listen to books and podcasts.



One thought on “Just Turn It Off

  1. I completely agree. I’ve been watching Netflix and listening to audio books – I can’t consume one more iota of negativity. Hang in there… 🙂

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