Can one have too much sewing stuff?

It’s possible!

Since we no longer do clubs at school, I re-homed three sewing machines and gifted fabric & notions to co-workers. The remainder of the fabric & notions came home and were promptly shoved in a closet until I had time to deal with it later.  This was mid-September. 

I was avoiding my studio. Time to take action.

“Later” became yesterday and today.  I needed something from the closet…and it kind of morphed into an organizing marathon. I spent several hours consolidating, sorting and refining my fabric/notions stash.  Two big bins of fabric are in my SUV ready to be dispersed at school tomorrow.  All of the “kid sewing” materials are in a single location. All the precuts are grouped together and in one designated spot.  You can actually see the floor of the hall closet now!  I purged the last of the “gifted” fabric and stuff I’d brought with me to this house 6-1/2 years ago.  The trash bin is full.

All of the PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) that I plan to complete are in bins ready to go.  Can you believe I had 8 tote bags full of STUFF?  This was almost as bad as when I cleaned up my sewing room after I finished graduate school and found 7 rotary cutters!!! All of the kits I purchased on previous vacations are now where I can easily view them when I open my closet door. Excess office supplies are going to school.

While I feel as if a big weight has been lifted, there’s still much work to do. Blame it on my new-found minimalist tendencies. Unless I’m going to use the item,  it adds value to sewing or it brings me joy – out it goes. Downsizing the stash will be an ongoing process – one drawer, one bin and one shelf at a time. Put it this way, I will not be purchasing any fabric, notions or quilting magazines during the first half of 2020!