More Featherweight Bling

img_20191127_222233_611My 1964 white Singer Featherweight is a pure joy to sew on…NOW.

Miss Fussypants (aka “Crystal”) had been giving me bouts of grief ever since she arrived in May. It all started with skipped stitches. She went to see the Singer technician. No more skipped stitches but still really tight and the machine seemed to struggle when sewing. Technician told me I would eventually need to replace the hook assembly. Did that. Adjusted the hand wheel and collar. Put on a Super Belt from the Featherweight Shop (hint: dust back of belt with cornstarch if it tries to jump the track). Purchased a pedal adapter so I could use the Bakelite foot controller without hurting my foot. Despite all this attention, Miss Fussypants was still not playing nice.

I was seriously considering selling Miss Fussypants when someone at the ATL Quilt Study Group suggested I try swapping out the foot controller. I’d purchased an electronic foot controller for my classic black Featherweight, so I had an original Bakelite foot controller that I knew worked well (it went with me to the FW retreat in Idaho back in June and had been adjusted by FW Shop staff).

What do you know? It worked! I have great control using the pedal adapter. Now, Crystal (fna “Miss Fussypants”) literally purrs. I can’t wait to start on the next round of Granny’s Flower Garden blocks from Lori Holt.

Additional accessories that I like for my Featherweight.

Super Belt from the Featherweight Shop
Thread Post from the Featherweight Shop (I’ve had better luck using this with my white FW and the thread stand with my black FW)
LED light from the Featherweight shop (bright white)
Ruffled spool pin doily
Dritz needle threader
Open toe foot (can buy 5mm low shank foot or snap on to work with adapter)