Motivating moment


Today, I met the person who will be our principal for the upcoming school year. She’s very different from the retiring principal, but probably just what the school needs to continue the momentum started by her predecessor. I don’t know that much about her; however, the remaining admin team was tickled pink by the school board’s choice, and many staff members who knew her greeted her with big hugs today. I think everything will be fine.

The past 10 months have given me the opportunity to rediscover what I truly enjoy about teaching, dogs, libraries, sewing and running my craft business. The time was a badly needed balm for my soul. I have a feeling the new principal is going to turn out to be a professional development coach for both my library and my craft business. I look forward to the journey and taking things up a notch.

And yes, we had our Friday maker clubs today. I handed some of the kids cameras to take pictures of the group as we worked. I am officially on a diet. I most definitely did NOT like what I saw on the computer screen when I downloaded the pictures. So that will be my first agenda item!