It’s official – we’re househunting  signed a buyer’s agreement with the real estate agency this week and came very, very, VERY close to making an offer on a new house in Smyrna.  We really liked the house so much that we asked if a different floor plan that suited out needs a little better could be built on one of two other available lots in the neighborhood.

My biggest objections to the house we looked at are the number of steps leading from the garage into the house (7 of them) and the steep driveway.  We can navigate the stairs fine, but our parents and other certain guests can’t.  We need a stepless or one step only entry into the main level SOMEWHERE.  His hesitation was the inability to utilize the behemoth entertainment unit his father built on the main level.  So when the realtors called to say another offer was in the works, I could tell the other half was disappointed, but I wasn’t about to make an offer on a house where we couldn’t make key pieces of cherished furniture work.   Hopefully, we’ll hear back from the realtor one way or the other soon on our desire to build a new house on another lot.

One thing I will say is that driving to various parts of Atlanta from Smyrna will be a heck of a lot easier than from the Cobb/Paulding line in Acworth.  I also look forward to being in a position to consider employment and business opportunities in-town that I now ignore due to the Atlanta traffic.