Yup, *wild* quilter – that’s me

This is a funny story.  🙂

Two weeks ago, I headed north to the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa with 14 other members of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild for our first overnight quilt retreat.  Sure, we’ve had day long quilt retreats at a member’s subdivision clubhouse, but never away from job and family responsibilities to be able to concentrate on sewing for 48 hours straight.  It was heaven (and I wasn’t even there the entire time!).

A large group of sewers from the American Sewing Guild were also at the same facility that weekend.  They were in the conference rooms adjacent to our room.  Andi, our president, runs an online sewing supply shop and she’d brought her mobile store with her.  Once those ladies from the ASG realized they had “shopportunity” next door, several came to visit and shop.  I would be willing to bet the bulk Andi’s sales that weekend were to the ASG ladies, not members of the AMQG.

Of course, both groups of stitchers held impromptu “show and tell” events throughout the weekend.  It was during one of the show and tells that we were brandished as those “wild” quilters.  And no, it wasn’t because of our behavior!  Amy was showing off the bright geometric quilt she’d made for her 10 year old son.  One of the ladies who was laying out a design in very traditional fabrics (think Thimbleberries) took one look at the quilt and remarked, “Oh, you’re one of those WILD quilters!” – meaning we liked the bright fabrics and abstract designs – NOT because we were misbehaving.  And this lady was totally serious.!

I couldn’t help but laugh because while the AMQG is affiliated with the modern quilt movement, we’ve had some folks not join because the guild wasn’t modern enough.  I like the bright colors, fabrics and clean, simple lines of modern quilts…but I also like my traditional fabrics.  I joined this guild because (a) most of the members were about my age instead of 20 years older and (b) they appreciate ALL forms of quilting – vintage to traditional to modern.

And a few notes to myself for future overnight retreats:

(1) Cut ALL projects in advance;
(2) Take Jewel  (my Janome 6600) – even if I have to buy a wheeled travel case;
(3) Take the Ott table lamp; and
(4) Bring dollar bills for the drink machine.