Should we stay or should we go?

A couple of posts back, I mentioned we were thinking about selling our house and moving closer in to Atlanta.  Hubs works in Vinings and I work in Kennesaw.  Our house is in far, far, far West Cobb.  The commute to work for me is quite reasonable, but not so much for him.  It takes him an hour on surface streets at 6:00 in the morning.  You can imagine what it’s like during rush hour.  

Anyhow, we met with a realtor this week.  The initial walk-through of our property was reassuring.  We should realize the amount we were looking for out of the house after closing.  Today, we looked at a couple of houses in “Sminings” to get an idea of available homes at different price points.  I think we’ve sufficiently narrowed the area down and will probably be watching the real estate listings quite closely over the next few weeks.  

Meanwhile, THE deciding factor of whether or not to list our house will be the results of a professional appraisal on our home.  This will be done next week.  Hubs and I both agree that we’ll improve our existing home and he’ll shut up and drive rather than give the house away or rent it out.

Stay tuned.