Defining success

What does success look like to you?

A big house in the trendy neighborhood with a late model luxury car in the driveway…


a job that pays enough so you can keep the roof over your head, lights on and food on the table…


simply that you made it through the day without wringing someone’s neck?

Last week, I have to admit the last option was quite fitting.  This week was much more productive in that I got some sewing accomplished, collected payment on a completed project and had time to actually work on my business for a change.  The last of the pieces of the puzzle fell into place today.  My business is truly legit, regardless of which direction I go – sewing instruction, custom sewing or selling handmade items. I now have my sales tax number and was granted a wholesale account by a supplier.  I didn’t necessarily have to have a sales tax number for sewing classes, but it will be nice to have as I expand to selling small handmade items or vintage notions on Etsy.

For me, success at this juncture is simply that I’ve actually made a wee bit of money providing a service I truly enjoy providing.  I actually enjoy all facets of my business – teaching, custom sewing and selling my handmade wares.  In my mind, I will be truly successful when I am self-employed and making more than I do in my current day job.