Dusting off and more determined than ever

Received an email from one of the shops…can we reschedule the classes for late July?   She wasn’t able to promote the classes and no one had signed up.  (Look on the bright side: that frees up two days next week!)

But darn it all…I spent an ENTIRE week developing lesson plans, making samples and securing suitable machines and supplies for classes.  I met with two shop owners who really seemed to like my projects and agreed to promote the classes. Classes were scheduled. I notified the moms who told me their daughters wanted to learn how to sew. Word did get out – even one of my sewing friends whom I don’t see on a regular basis told me she saw that I was teaching at one of the two shops.

So, why haven’t the classes filled?  Projects are relevant – what the kids requested, everyone who sees the samples thinks they are adorable, fee is reasonable and competitive.  Classes are scheduled at *good* times.   What gives?

Maybe I really should go talk to the director of the arts program at the Methodist church.  They offer painting, ceramics, dance, etc. through a well-established program.  More than one friend has mentioned it to me.

It’s hard not to get discouraged, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.  I keep reminding myself of the kids who loved the classes I taught and the fact that sewing is hip again.  I just haven’t plugged into the right location yet nor have I marketed my services as I need to.

Time to regroup, dust off my britches and get back out there!