Making it work

A couple of posts back, I mentioned that a friend had gifted me her Riccar 707 to use in my kid sewing classes.  This is the flatbed model designed to live in a cabinet – with of all things, a KNEE pedal  – instead of a traditional foot controller.  Thank goodness for ye olde web.

I ordered an electronic foot controller with the light/motor block.  Oh, it worked; but there was no way a student (or anyone else for that matter) was going to be able to use it as a foot pedal because the cord to the pedal was cut to “knee” length instead of “floor” length.   Yep, the pedal was designed to replace knee one used in the cabinet, NOT a pedal designed to be used on the floor.  The obvious solution was to lengthen the cord from the foot pedal to the light/motor block.  But how?  I thought I could rewire it like I did my FW foot controller…but this was way different.

Here, hubby, hubby, hubby.

So, the husband had to shift gears from tracking loads of water, generators and emergency supplies being shipped to places in need across the US to figuring out a wiring solution for my foot controller.  He not only lengthened the cord, but also replaced the light/motor block with something a little sturdier so it would stand up to classroom use.  His solution was a little unorthodox perhaps, but hey, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

He did.