The mother lode of credit card processing calls

Sheesh.  All I did was apply for a business license to teach sewing classes and make the occasional quilt.

My little business didn’t fit in any of the “approved” SIC/NAICS codes that the business licensing division can use, so they put me in the best category they could – I am listed under arts & crafts retail  (5947/453220).

No wonder I was on the receiving end of so many credit card processing calls yesterday.

Yikes. They think I own a retail shop. [Well, if you count the Etsy shop, I guess I do…but that’s not the main focus of my business.]

So, I called the county to inquire about my SIC/NAICS code designation. According to the representative, they only use the code I suggested for music lessons, not handicrafts instruction.  Unless I wanted to be shown as offering music lessons, my only other options were “Merchandise and Service Broker” or “Business Management Office” – neither of which really fit either.

My main concern was that this designation would send up a red flag of some sort, meaning I would be entertaining guests of the planning and zoning office in the near future when they came to “inspect” my business premises.  [Cobb County has stricter home-based business regulations than some of the neighboring counties.]   Nothing to hide, but we’re already on the radar for having gone through a zoning variance on the property (reduce setback line by 18″ to add a front porch) and three separate building permits.  I was assured this would not set off any sort of trigger.  We shall see.

So, I guess for now it’s “arts & crafts retail” and I’ll be the sending telephone numbers I don’t recognize to voice mail.

P.S.  And to all you telemarketers: I accept cash, check and Paypal.