Week in review

1) My students completed their journal covers in the the allotted class time!  Woo-hoo!  Lots of cute pictures to share once mom gives the okay.  They were so proud of themselves.  Both of them took their journals to school to show them off to their classmates.  What better advertising could I ask for?  I have a fifth grade boy in my sewing class whose best friend had been ribbing him unmercifully about taking sewing classes.  Best friend changed his tune once he saw my student’s FSU journal cover.  Best friend now wants to learn how to make his own Alabama journal cover and asked me if I had Alabama fabric in my stash, too.  [No, but I can get it for him.]

2) Applied for my business license on Tuesday.  In about 4 weeks, I should have my little paper to post on the wall.

3) Amazing how word is starting to spread that I teach sewing and make quilts.  Had a coworker ask me to make a memory quilt from her son’s baby clothes.  Got a referral to do some restoration work on an antique quilt.

4) Best surprise of the week was the generous offer by two folks of sewing machines for use in my business.  Passed on one (mutual friend tweeted they knew someone who really needed one).  Paid $25 for the other one and happily spent the afternoon bringing Old Bessie back to life.  It’s a White model 1717.  Nothing fancy, but she’s solid, covers the basics and makes a pretty stitch.  All she needed was a good cleaning, oil and lube. I did the dirty work and headed off to Ashby’s for new spool pin felts, crocus cloth and to verify bobbin size.  No crocus cloth for sale, but Marc graciously smoothed out the nicks on the needle plate for me at no charge.  Will let the 8 y.o. try it out on Thursday.  Mom plans to reimburse me if daughter wants the machine.  If not, I’ll gladly keep it for classroom use.