T-Shirt Quilt Adventure

A co-worker asked if I could make a t-shirt wall hanging from her daughter’s track shirts.  We decided on the wonky squares design with alternating zebra and turquoise blue background fabrics.

A couple of the t-shirt graphics were too large to fit the original schematic, so I resized the block in EQ7 and printed out the foundation pattern to use as a guide.  I transferred the markings to template plastic just to be sure sure everything was centered properly.

Someone called my attention to a book titled Twist & Turn by Sharyn Craig that is all about adding wonky borders to oddball size blocks, making them a uniform size.  The book wasn’t available locally or via interlibrary loan, so I searched on the web and found some instructions for Twisted Happy Blocks.  They were a big help, but my block was much bigger than the one in her tutorial.  Apparently, the math is already done for you in the book, so I had to wing it.  After some trial and error, I figured out that two- 5″x17″ rectangles were large enough to add borders for a 15″ finished block (center block/fabric/t-shirt is approximately 12″ square).  If you cut the rectangles on the diagonal in half from upper left corner to bottom right corner, your focal item (t-shirt part) will tilt to the left.  If you cut from lower left corner to upper right corner, your focal item will tilt to the right.  Or I guess I should say, that is if you attach the borders in the order outlined in her tutorial.

Once I had the math figured out correctly AND the 15-1/2″ foundation pattern markings transferred to template plastic, everything fell into place.  Now, I have to go back to Joann’s and buy some more zebra fabric to make the 2 remaining zebra blocks.

After this much work, these templates are going into my pattern stash.  Some of you reading this may be thinking, “Duh!” at the moment.   For me, this is a huge step.  I didn’t use a commercial pattern.  I had an idea, used my EQ7 software and figured it out for myself.

Can’t wait to get this thing finished tomorrow so I can quilt it on Jewel.