Meet Jewel

Janome 6600 Professional

  I traded in Pfaffie today and bought a Janome 6600 Professional.  I debated for several weeks over buying the new machine, but in the end my desire to enjoy sewing  won out.  Although Pfaffie had a lot of features, the vertical bobbin and her notoriously finicky behavior finally did me in.  I actually avoided going to my sewing room.  Finally, it dawned on me it was because I didn’t want to sew with this machine.  I swapped Pfaffie out for the old Elna Carina and began sewing again.  The Carina is now my backup freearm machine.

As you can see from the picture, the machine is already in her new home. I was smiling all the way home from Ashby’s.  I’d made up my mind a couple of months ago that this would be my next machine and yes, I prefer it to the Horizon, which surprised Marc Briley, owner of Ashby Sewing Machines.  We worked out a trade and price that was fair to both parties.  It took about an hour to familiarize myself with the machine.  I had hubby adjust the lift on the cabinet and attach the fold-up stitch guide.

I am glad I took the plunge and bought this machine.  I tried making do with my other machines, but now that I’ve spent a little time stitching, I see why several of my quilter friends adore their 6500/6600 machines and why they are so productive.  I will spend some time getting to know Jewel in the coming weeks, but I am already piecing away.  She’s bound to have her quirks, but thus far, her straight stitches have been gorgeous with whatever thread I use.  She’s quiet and just feels right.

I guess I’m a top load bobbin girl after all. 🙂