Always keep a seam ripper handy!

I spent the past week finishing off a VERY important baby quilt for a friend of mine. It includes several prized family textile keepsakes that were incorporated into the quilt. A bit of a mishap with a leaky can of spray baste meant I had to redo some of the blocks as I assembled the quilt as this was not one that was probably going to be laundered before presenting it to my friend. Well, you can guess what’s coming, can’t you?

I missed a spot. There it was in all of its glory just mocking me. I discovered it as I did my final thread check. I was so upset! I tried to blot the quarter-size stain, gently wash it, soak it…ended up scrubbing with a nail brush and Dr. Bonner’s. That got rid of the stain, but caused the fabric to pill and fade. The local quilt shop suggested I use a sweater shaver to get rid of the pilling, dampen with water and allow it to dry.

If the area was more hidden in the quilt that would be a viable solution – but this quilt is too special. Fortunately, I was able to buy some additional background fabric. I figured out the best way to unpick and replace the block. Shouldn’t take more than an hour or two…but still.

Lesson learned. Be more careful when working with spray baste on any quilt that you do not plan to launder before presenting it to the customer.

Update: It actually took closer to six hours to do everything because I had to unpick about twice as much as originally planned and one intersection of the block didn’t want to cooperate. However, you’d never be able to tell where the repair was made unless I told you!

See the faded rub spot below? That’s why I redid everything!

Dear Thief who stole my credit card

I’m not quite sure how you came by this particular card’s information, but you’ve made my life mighty inconvenient the past two weeks as I’ve had to deal with getting a new card and covering the auto pay accounts that were affiliated with the former card. The biggest hassle has been not being able to shop at Costco because you stole my Visa and Costco only accepts Visa. (I do not use debit cards.)

Fortunately, my credit card company caught on before you could do too much damage (but they still managed to spend close to $700 on an online shopping spree before the account was shut down).

However, my friends, you screwed up. You forgot to change the ship to address on something you purchased with my card. It arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. The vendor said they were able to trace the order, but couldn’t tell me who the not-so-upstanding citizen was that placed the order. I shipped the item back today because it was the right thing to do.

I’ll be filing a police report tomorrow. I hope they nail your sorry ass, THIEF!

etsy storefront reopening soon

Due to numerous requests from sewing friends and students, I will be reopening my Etsy storefront to vend a curated collections of sewing essentials, plus prepping kits for students attending my upcoming classes and sewing camps.

A lot of life has certainly happened over the past 15 months, but I’m looking SEW forward to 2021.

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