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One good thing about social distancing, shelter-at-home mandates and schools being closed the remainder of the school year is that I’ve had real time to spend in my studio.  I mean, with both of us now working from home, I let hubby have the official office and I moved my laptop to the sewing room. After a week of teaching online in the midst of the creative disarray that was my studio, I could no longer stand it.

It took a couple of days and several trash bags, but my studio is functional again. 

  • I’ve completed a series of bean bag frogs.  It was loads of fun tweaking the design until I found the one I really liked.
  • Designed and made a comfort quilt for a coworker who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  I delivered it to her yesterday.
  • Encouraged my youngest niece with her mask making venture. I couldn’t believe she still had the sewing machine I gave her 5 years ago!
  • Sent a care package of thread to my oldest niece, who is also making masks.  I shipped her a sewing machine a few months back and she’s been busy stitching up garments for her two young children.
  • I have dabbled with mask making, but I don’t have any elastic. I figured out the best way to make bias binding on my Elna Star (use the new long zipper foot E with straight stitch in center needle (2.5) position, with raw edge of tape along right edge of presser foot).  I found a bias binder foot in all my vintage Singer feet, so tomorrow’s task will be to see how well it works on Crystal (my white FW).


Note:  I wrote this almost 2 months ago to the day that Boomer was in the ER vet and I didn’t think he’d come home.  I’m very grateful for the 2 additional months we had together. It is very sad to share that Boomer crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. 

Ten years ago Boomer claimed me as his human. There were very few times over the past decade that I wasn’t under the watchful eye of Mr. B.  He was my constant companion.

Boomer touched many lives and made a lot of people smile during our nine years of therapy dog work. Oh, how he loved our visits to schools, libraries and CHOA to see the kids!  He was always ready to hop in the car and ride – just to be with his people.  He loved Chick-Fil-A nuggets and puppy sundaes from Brusters.  Nothing made him happier than being able to go back to bed after breakfast whenever I was off for school breaks.  He loved petting in all forms and wouldn’t hesitate to use the power of the paw to get what he wanted.

Boomer – you were such a great dog and a joy to have in the short time I was your chosen human.  Bye, Boomer!  Mommy loves you!







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