Definition: To abandon or discard; let go of something no longer needed or wanted.

Sometimes you have to let go or transfer things in baby steps.

Such has been the case with certain responsibilities at work, like the social media accounts. I set them up three years ago and managed them the first year. That duty was shifted to various other folks, but I’ve remained as back-up when needed. The school’s FB page was also tied to my personal FB account. Today, I jettisoned those page admin duties by removing myself as an admin and transferring page admin to another user. Very freeing.

I’ve also been culling my personal picture book collection at school as a season/holiday passes. Some books are gifted to the school library, but most are passed on to teacher friends or the neighborhood kids for them to enjoy. My favorites come home to be added to Sadie’s Library. I’ll use these books for therapy dog visits and future guest read-alouds. Note to self: you need to weed your quilting/sewing book collection again, too!

Our kitchen certainly functions more efficiently thanks to 3 rounds of culling unused items. I like to cook and often make dinner 4-5 nights per week. I still use the Revere Ware cookware set we were given as a wedding gift in 1990. Recently, the handle on the frequently used 3qt saucepan broke. I tried to make do with the other pans, but quickly realized I needed to replace the 3 qt metal pan. Ebay to the rescue! It took several weeks to find the right pan (from 1990 and still in good shape), but I did it!

I need to implement this baby step process to get my no longer wanted sewing items listed for sale. Quit thinking about it and just do it. Elna Carina and extra parts listed for sale in one of the Elna FB groups. Then there’s the FW machines.

Baby steps….baby steps.

Slow and steady progress.

Quilty Travel

One of the things I look forward to most in the coming months is the ability to travel!

Last night, hubby asked me to put together my quilt travel bucket list. I had an absolute ball researching and compiling info on various events. Mind you, quilt shows are back in person in 2022, but much of the niche quilty destination travel has yet to be announced. Quilters who have been unable to attend events for nearly two years are clamoring to get back out there. Be aware that specialized quilty travel tends to sell out fast. Like everything else, the cost of travel has risen, too!

Most of my quilty travel plans for 2022 involve regional events within a six hour drive of Atlanta. I’m still in full-time worker bee mode through June, so events like Road to California, Sewing & Stitchery Expo in WA, Quilt Week in Branson, MO, Houston Quilt Festival – all have to wait. If the Garden of Quilts at Thanksgiving Pointe is scheduled for September 2022, I’ll be heading to Salt Lake City for a few days.

Personally, I like to attend events and retreats that involve classes or are project based. Weekend or 4 day/3 night schedules are preferred. I like to have my own room. I prefer to drive when I can, but my little Elna STAR or FW is ready to fly whenever I am.

Right now, I look forward to one quilty event each month in 2022. Four of those events are out-of-town and require a road-trip! Woo-hoo!

Confirmation I’m moving in the right direction

Today, I had a 5th grade student throw bookmarks, the bookmark basket and just about everything on the circulation desk at me today. Thankfully, his teacher got the scissors out of his hand in time.

Why? Because he couldn’t check out the new Diary of Wimpy Kid book. He had to go on the wait list.

I’ve had students throw things in my two decades of library work, but never directly at me.

I am so done. 😤

May can’t get here fast enough.

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