Recharging the creative batteries

As a creative type who works a full-time day job, volunteers and  manages a busy household, it’s often hard to find the time – let alone the motivation – to get in my studio and create something outside my comfort zone.

Our recent trip to South Dakota and my mini shop-hop provided just what I needed to rekindle the creative spark.  At the suggestion of one of my AMQG friends, I took a small bag of redwork to keep my hands busy the five hours I would be in transit to Rapid City.  One pillow panel of a Christmas scene is almost done.

At the quilt shops I visited, I purchased patterns by local designers.  I was so inspired by one quilt that I sketched out my version on the plane ride home and mentally went through my stash to see where I needed to look for fabrics (charm squares, scrap bin and FQs) before I headed to the fabric store @ home.  It’s a queen size quilt with lots of pieces that have to be laid out in a complicated pattern.  Not exactly what I had planned to tackle after a 10 hour work day, but then again…chunking into small tasks things means I can work on it for 15-30 minutes a day.  Eventually, it’ll get done.


Devil's Tower in Wyoming
Thimble Cottage Rapid City South Dakota

Coaching a newbie quilter

Mrs. Sang, as she is affectionately known at my school (since very few people can pronounce her name correctly), asked me how to make a t-shirt quilt for her son.  He’s a freshman at UGA.  She worked on it for a few months and proudly showed me her finished creation this past week.  Great job Mrs. Sang!

Now she’s determined to make a different style for her daughter who is in graduate school.

One thing Mrs. Sang and I both agree on is that it’s much easier to machine quilt by checkbook. dog in action

One of the parents from my elementary school was kind enough to snap pictures at our latest R.E.A.D. session @ the public library. If you look closely, you’ll see that Boomer has two sets of hands on him. No wonder he has such a great big smile on his face! He truly enjoys with the kids every other week.

Photo courtesy of Kim Rowell
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