Playing the waiting game

I ordered a new cabinet insert for Jewel on 12/15/11.

Received an email that shipping info had been send to FedEx on 12/30/11.

FedEx picked up on 1/3/12.

I received my insert today (1/10/12).

I can understand the New Year’s holiday for the delay in picking up, but to take a week to get from Eugene, Oregon to Atlanta?

What’s up with that?  It’s not like I live out in the remote wilderness somewhere.

The cabinet insert fits snugly around Jewel and will enhance my sewing experience, but sheesh!  That long to arrive?  Really? or “For real?” as my students would say.

Friday Funnies

You may have seen her calendars at your local quilt shop, but Mrs. Bobbins’ comic strips are also available over at the Pickle Dish blog .  A new comic strip is posted at least once a month, sometimes more often.

I was searching through the older posts today and loved this one:

Yes, I’m fiddling with my blog…

Trying to spruce up and streamline ye old blog.  Also experimenting with some of the formatting features, so if a post looks weird, please bear with me.

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