East Cobb Quilt Guild Show

Here’s my entry…  Pattern is the Mariner’s Compass from Quilt Smart.  Machine quilted by Shannon Baker.

A home for my Kona challenge quilt

Said quilt is now hanging in a place of honor in my media center.

Another quilt used to hang in this very spot before the school was repainted a couple of years ago, so the hanging hardware was already in place.  All I had to do was find a hanging rod.  Bingo!  I found one in my closet at home left by the previous homeowners.  Wasn’t thinking about the PR angle when I hung it up, but it has increased awareness of the fact that I sew and provides tangible proof of my abilities!

Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Guess I’d better make it official

On Saturday, I visited White Rabbit Cottage in Marietta to buy a birthday gift for my Mom.  Quite by accident, the owner, her mother and I found ourselves involved in an interesting discussion on pricing, inventory and running a small business.   They gave me some wonderful advice and I “sort-of” planted the seed of the services my fledgling business offers.  Guess that would be called networking?

This afternoon while driving home from the quilt show @ Intown Quilters, I received a harried call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was a sewing referral from a friend and unfortunately, I couldn’t talk to her as I was navigating heavy downtown Atlanta traffic.  I told her I’d call back after while.  Yes, it turns out I’ll make a few extra dollars sewing a decorative border to a tablecloth my friend is going to embroider for someone.  Definitely a rush job and pricing was adjusted accordingly.

Last week I found out that I’m receiving a stipend for an article I volunteered to write for a quilt related organization.

I’ve asked the big man upstairs for a signal that it’s time to formally establish my sewing business.  Hmmm.  Think I got three of them this week.

If stuff starts to sell in the Etsy store, I really will need to get that business license and the tax-id number so I can be legit and purchase my materials wholesale.

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