Simplifying is a lot of work!

I think I have finally consolidated/closed out the last of the accounts from our worker bee days. Now it’s a matter of tracking the progress online to confirm everything was indeed closed out as expected.

I can’t help but wonder:

(1) Why can I open an account online, but have to spend 10 minutes talking to a human when I want to close it? Can’t I just fill out a form and click submit?

(2) Why do companies have to issue a physical check when rolling over retirement funds from a 401k/403b to an IRA in a trustee to trustee transfer? Wouldn’t electronic transfer be faster and more secure?

The health insurance coverage from active employee to COBRA status is still in process. Benefit elections have been confirmed. Payment has been deducted from our checking account, but has yet to be reflected on the insurance company’s portal. Craziness. Why can’t I pay my premiums via credit card? I can pay all my other medical expenses by credit card. Miles or points would be a very nice reward!

Too much thinking about this stuff for one day.

Back to quilting.

2 thoughts on “Simplifying is a lot of work!

  1. You are spot on!! Everyone makes is so difficult to ‘leave’ or ‘move’ things…I guess that’s how they get folks to stay 😦 it should be illegal!!!! Ha, that’ll never happen.

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