Celebrate the small victories

Weight loss at 50+ is hard, but doable. Slow and steady will -eventually- win the race. It’s a challenge to keep motivated when losing an average of 1 lb per week. At this rate, my COVID weight will take 4-1/2 months to lose – not in time for my birthday, but definitely by the time therapy dog visits resume for the 2023-24 school year. One thing I learned during the Spring Challenge was how important celebrating the non-scale victories (NSV) can be.

Recent NSV wins:

  1. More and more of my weekly grocery shopping is done around the perimeter of the store (more whole food and less processed food).
  2. Experimenting with new recipes: made banana oatmeal recipe from Hungry Girl cookbook I picked up from the library. I’m generally not a fan of oatmeal, except the fruit & cream kind. This was way better and not nearly as sweet. Only drawback – takes 20 minutes for prep & cook time. The way I made it was 8 points for a full, 12 oz bowl of oatmeal.
  3. Five more pieces from my spring/summer clothing stack are now in the “it fits” category and hanging in my closet.
  4. I have tracked every bite in the WW app for 46 days with only two “binge” days.

Rewards for each 5 pound weight loss:

  1. Splurge body wash & lotion (5 pounds). (DONE – Native Cucumber & Mint scent)
  2. Nice t-shirt (10 pounds)
  3. New pair everyday jeans (15 pounds)
  4. New bands for FitBit Luxe (20 pounds)
  5. Anything after this is TBD – new clothes will likely be needed.

The WW promotional rate I signed up for runs for 10 months. Let’s see how far I get before my special rate expires around New Year’s Day! Losing the COVID pounds means I will be half-way to my desired goal weight. Yes, I’ll be happy to be back to my pre-COVID weight where I felt good in my own skin. However, let’s continue the journey to get down to where I’m finally in the healthy BMI weight range for once (and my weight matches my driver’s license once again).

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com